All About JayDees

JayDees Clothing started up in 1987, as JayDees Print Co.  It was a family run business that ran out of a shop in Ocean Park supplying work out clothing across Canada.

As the business grew, the company name and audience changed as well.  JayDees Clothing was born with a focus on elementary schools in the Surrey district. 

In steps Tamara (that’s me in the middle)  I live in South Surrey with my husband, 2 children, 2 dogs and cat.  We have grown such deep roots in this community and are so excited to keep JayDees legacy going and continue building the friendships and client base Wally and  Debbie spent so long developing.

Having 2 children in our local school system, I understand how important a grad shirt is and keep this in mind with our competitive pricing.

It’s been a great experience stepping into this new role and I appreciate the warm welcome our schools have given me.  More so, I look forward to working with you, your schools and Our community.